PATRIS is steadfast in its mission to offer quality education to children and youth in Jos and its surrounding areas. Through our schools, we provide functional education to children and teenagers through the Kingdom Citizens’ International College and the Kingdom Citizens’ College. We believe that education is the foundation for crafting a brighter future for the next generation. Moreover, PATRIS’s scholarship initiative is a testament to our belief that passionate individuals, regardless of their background, deserve a chance at quality education. Under this portfolio, PATRIS has developed a comprehensive educational initiative known as the Excellent Performance Support Scheme (EPSS). EPSS is designed to award full educational scholarships to out-of-school/underprivileged children whose passion for education is demonstrated in their excellent performance. Since launching this initiative in 2012, we’ve successfully enrolled 25 children from elementary school who have completed high school and are now exploring opportunities in higher education.

Interventions under our Education Portfolio:

  • The Kingdom Citizens’ International School (KCIS)
  • Kingdom Citizens’ College (KCC)
  • Excellent Performance Support Scheme (EPSS)
  • Reading clinics to improve the literacy skills of children from marginalized communities.P

PATRIS identifies a pressing need for transformative leaders who can bring about genuine change. Through the Centre for Transformational Leadership (CTL), we provide bespoke leadership and mentoring opportunities to individuals and organizations for both personal mastery and organizational business enhancement. We equip leaders with the tools and knowledge to lead with vision, integrity, and impact, ensuring a brighter future for their employees and the communities they serve.

Interventions under Transformational  Leadership Development:

  • Bespoke leadership training to groups, individuals and businesses
  • Mentorship program

PATRIS is committed to the comprehensive development of communities in Jos and its adjacent areas. We offer business development services to entrepreneurs, encompassing training and facilitating avenues to markets and financial resources, with a special focus on those catering to underserved communities. In 2022, under our Women SME Development Fund, we empowered 30 women from the Jenta slum with business training. Additionally, we provided financial assistance amounting to one million naira to 10 of these trained women entrepreneurs for business scale-up.

Interventions under Entrepreneurship Development:

  • Women SME Development Fund

PATRIS champions the cause of transparent and accountable governance. Recognizing that good governance is the backbone of a thriving society, PATRIS advocates for systems that prioritize integrity, transparency, and public welfare. Through community roundtables, public debates, seminars, community dialogues and Accountability groups outreach initiatives, PATRIS strives to instill these values at both the grassroots and higher levels, ensuring that governance truly serves the people it represents.

Interventions under Advocacy:

  • Community Roundtables
  • Answers with Dr Reju Podcast
  • AGF Community initiatives