1. Social mobilisation
  2. Community engagement and dialogue
  3. Participatory approach to capacity development
  4. Advocacy
  5. Innovative use of social media for social change


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If you live in Nigeria, there many things you can do:

  1. Talk to your family, friends and relatives about FGM/C,
  2. Raise awareness about FGM/C in your community, school, workplace or place of worship
  3. Join other activists and CSOs working on FGM/C, or Human/Women’s rights,
  4. Contact your local policy/decision makers e.g. politician, traditional ruler, religious leader!

We will provide you with information, link you up with other Anti-FGM/C activists in your area, and help you set up your own anti-FGM/C campaign.

If you are already part of a women’s or human rights group and want to start working on FGM/C, we can bprovide you with training, films and flyers, help you produce your own material and discuss the next steps.